Fresh Baked Kittens

A line of baby clothing that'll makes you say "Eww" + "Aww"! 

Babies might be cute, but they're also disgusting. These baby neutral onesies or clothing were designed to perfectly illustrate that. These baby clothes are cute, and they feature some of your baby's actual favourite activities, like throwing tantrums, not sleeping when they’re supposed to, and pooping the tub! For 0 to 24 months.

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Fresh Baked Kittens Onesie (No Sleep Sheep)
"Counting sheep to go to sleep isn’t much help when they’re counting back (1, 2,...
$16.90 $14.90
Fresh Baked Kittens Onesie (Meltdown)
"Dress your baby up for the next meltdown." 100% cotton. Water based inks, gentle on...
$16.90 $14.90
Fresh Baked Kittens Onesie (Fantastically Gross)
"Aside from unicorns, babies have the most colorful bodily fluids." 100% cotton. Water based inks,...
$16.90 $14.90
Fresh Baked Kittens Onesie (Drinking Problem)
Kids these days don’t know their limits. They act like they’re just a little bit...
$16.90 $14.90
Fresh Baked Kittens Onesie (Cutethulu)
"Cthulhu may be a malevolent being, but he looks so cute when he sleeps!"  100%...
$16.90 $14.90
Fresh Baked Kittens Onesie (Bathtime)
"Just a quick bath, and then it’s time for bed! Wait, how did all this...
$16.90 $14.90
Fresh Baked Kittens Onesie (Always Hungry)
"Much like zombies, babies seem to have an insatiable appetite. Unlike zombies, babies don't seem...
$16.90 $14.90
Fresh Baked Kittens Baby Bib (Double Rainbow)
"A bib to constantly remind you that what goes in, must come out." Bibs feature...
Fresh Baked Kittens Baby Bib (Brain Food)
A bib to remind you that there are cannibalistic tendencies behind that angelic little smile....

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