Frequently Asked Questions



What is so innovative about Foldaway Bumper Mat? 

Foldaway Bumper Mat is a smartly designed patented playmat that grows with your child.

It is the ONLY mat that folds out flat to form a regular 200x140x4cm playmat. And zips up into a box to form a baby cot, play pen, ball pit or other child friendly play spaces where imaginations can unfold! No longer just a playmat. We go a step further to offer extensive comfort and safety for your precious one. 

Foldaway Bumper Mats are originated from Korea.

What is Polyurethane (PU)?

PU is an extremely durable and flexible synthetic material. Our PU play mats are soft and easy to clean and sanitize. Foldaway Bumper Mat and Play Mat are made of nontoxic PU and nontoxic PE foam.

Can the PU cover be washed?

It can be hand washed with lukewarm water. Do not squeeze dry. 

Are the mats safe?

Foldaway produces products after passing SGS testing. Toxic materials, such as heavy metals, phthalates and formaldehyde have not been detected in any of the mats. Please view SGS certifications here

Who can use the mats?

All Foldaway play mats are safe for babies from 0 months & up. They are great for infants and toddlers who are learning to do tummy time, sit, crawl or walk!

How do I flatten the playmat properly?

Please view the diagrams below to flatten the mats properly.


What is Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) (found in bean bags)?

EPP is a non-toxic material that does not produce dioxin during combustion. The foam filler is created manually without the use of chemical agents. EPP is excellent in strength and is also used to manufacture car bumpers.



What will happen in case the Pustefix liquid is swallowed accidentally?
The Pustefix liquid is not suitable for human consumption but nevertheless non-toxic.
All Pustefix toys and also the liquid meet the legal requirements for toys and comply with the European directives relating to toys. 

What are the ingredients of the PUSTEFIX liquid?
For reasons of quality and competition the composition of our liquid must remain a company secret. All Pustefix toys and of course also the liquid comply with the European and U.S. directives relating to toys and do not contain any dangerous substances. In very rare cases allergic reactions may occur. Should this be the case, please advise your attending physician to contact us for any further information on ingredients etc.

Will the Pustefix liquid cause stains?
The main ingredients of the Pustefix liquid are simply water and soap raw materials. Due to our many years of experience we are able to verify that the Pustefix liquid will not cause stains on your garments. All residues may be washed out normally. In doing so, no stain remover should be used as this may cause unwanted reactions. Please note: water alone will already clearly leave its marks on rather delicate materials (such as e. g. leather or silk).

Is there a use-by-date for the Pustefix liquid?
No, even the 20 year old retain samples still function perfectly well. Hence, the liquid is of unlimited durability.



What is so unique about Puco Pyjamas? 

They are made with a soft and breathable cotton that just isn’t available in Singapore. The fabric, Jacquard, alternates between an opaque and a nearly sheer weave of cotton which allows wearer to stay comfortable and cool. And this is totally perfect for hot and sunny Singapore! Puco pyjamas are originated from Korea.

Does Merrybubs ship outside Singapore?

Yes, however shipping charges will be paid by the buyer.  Please email us the item(s) of interest, country and the postal code and we will obtain a shipping quote for you.  Please note, the buyer will be responsible for any applicable duties/taxes.


Still have questions? Email us at hello@merrybubs.com