Foldaway Folder Playmat Review

Review from Mommy Chuck:

What kind of Play Mat will make the cut? 

Of all the myriad potential purchases a new parent can make, a good play mat is one that’s likely to be a great investment. Now that we have 3 boys in the household, I figured we need a large play mat that can provide sufficient protection against bumps and falls.

My Criteria for Play Mats:

  1. The mat has to be non-toxic. No strong and heavy chemical smell, which you can find in EVA foam mats or those made of PVC material.
  2. There has to be sufficient protection against bumps and falls on hard floors. You can’t just throw a duvet on the floor and call it a day. Not for boys.
  3. It has to be easy to clean and sanitize. No hidden grooves as a breeding ground for bacteria.
  4. The mat has to be large enough for a baby or toddler to actually play on. For me, it has to be large enough for the 3 kids to pounce on and wrestle one another safely, heh!
foldaway playmat

The kids’ Review of the Foldaway Folder Playmat

Foldaway Folder Playmat from Merrybubs was sent to us for review and after the boys tested it for a couple of months, I must say it has satisfied all my requirements for a good play mat!

It has provided hours of fun for my boys! They are free to roll and jump to their heart’s content.  They love to pretend play by folding the panels, converting the playmat into an enticing tunnel or a runway for their mini perfomances. Looks too fun! Now, who says a play mat is only for tummy time?

foldaway playmat

Mama, look! Our tunnels!

foldaway playmat

Little butt there, cuteness overload!



They even tried to make 3 tunnels (well, 1 for each kid) by covering the top with a blanket? Ingenious!

foldaway playmat


foldaway playmat

We can make it stand and pretend to live in a 3 Little Pigs’ house!


A runway for our fashion show? Twins learning catwalk from their older brother.

foldaway playmat

Kid models wanna-be. See that tiptoe pose and finger-on-the-lips pose?


Stomping and jumping! Dancing and shaking their butts!


Oh my, we have lots to learn from big brother. Look at him run wild!

I love the Foldaway Folder Playmat so much, where was this when I had my firstborn? I’d usually put it out in the living room for them to play on and it is easy to fold it compactly and store away. 

What a MOM will love about Foldaway Folder Playmat

  1. My favourite aspect about the mat is just how cushiony it is. We have wood floors and the 4cm thick inner cushion PE foam is a good protection for the toddlers should they fall and hit their heads. Excellent impact absorption here!
  2. The play mat is waterproof, easy to clean and convenient to sanitise. As much as we love them, there’s no denying kids are messy. Between snacks and sippy cups filled with juice, and the mess made by art supplies like crayons and paint, it’s important to make sure our floors are protected.
  3. Does your neighbour complain about your kids’ sporadic jumping about? Mine does. This play mat solves our problem as it reduces the sound impact from our 3 very active kids. Phew!
  4. Protects babies from cold hard floor. We don’t have marble or ceramic flooring, but if you do, this play mat will come in handy for all your diaper changes and playtime!
  5. Durable! So far, despite daily use and abuse, there are no signs of wear whatsoever. The material does not fade even after prolonged usage.

Kids abusing the playmat by bending it at angles. Holly molly, the playmat can withstand this because its sides are strengthened more than 40 times with non-cohesive compression method!

foldaway playmat2

I put out the Foldaway Playmat during the kids’ snack time too – easy to clean with just a few wipes!