Foldaway Bumper Mat + Roof House Set

Foldaway Bumper Mat + Roof House Set

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A rare high quality anodized aluminium frame with 100% cotton cover!

Treat your little ones to their own indoor roof house with Foldaway Bumper Mat to develop infinite imagination and independence. Keep them entertained or simply enjoy the peace in their little playhouse. Make your child's dreams come true!

Easy to move or take down when not in use. Only compatible with Foldaway Bumper Mat Wide.

Playhouse Product Details:

  1. Origin: Korea
  2. Dimension: 100 x 140 x 150 cm
  3. Outer Material: 100% cotton
  4. Frame Material: Anodised coated Aluminium
  5. Connector Material: Plastic

Washing Instructions: Stick the velcro together before washing. Use washing machine, quick wool setting without washing net. Do not soak in water. *Hand washing or washing in a net is NOT recommended.

Drying Instructions: Dry with Play House frame inserted i.e. assemble the play house with the wet fabric so that it minimises shrinkage and creases. 


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