Foldaway Bumper Mat W, 148 x 108 x 50cm (Pink Gray)

Foldaway Bumper Mat W, 148 x 108 x 50cm (Pink Gray)

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Product Details (Wide Size Bumper Mat)
Dimension: 1 set of 200x140x4cm + 2 sets of 100x50x4cm 
Weight: ~7.5kg 
Outer Material: Non-toxic PU Leather 
Inner Material: High-density elastic PE Foam 
Great for babies 0 months & up!

Need a carrier or cover for your Foldaway Bumper Mat?
We offer Foldaway Bumper Mat carrier to make yours portable! 


Need a ball pit? 
We offer high quality Made in Korea play balls for your child! 



  1. Nontoxic, non-phthalate and non-formaldehyde! SGS Certified safe!
  2. Multi-functional - A safe play area that grows with your baby! It can be used as a playmat, play yard, baby cot, ball pit and many more!
  3. Fully padded - Stay bump free!
  4. Easy to assemble & store!
  5. Stimulate child's emotional and creative development!
  6. Waterproof. Easy to clean & convenient to sanitise!

    Warning: Please note that a small child may fall out of the edge if they attempt to climb over the Bumper Mat. As such, even with the safety features built into this mat, appropriate adult supervision is advised.

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