Merrybubs Quiet Book Busy Book Cloth Book

Merrybubs Quiet Book Busy Book Cloth Book

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This creative cloth book will give your child hands-on experience with using buttons and zippers, recognizing shapes and colors, counting, working with laces and buckles, telling time, and distinguishing different textures. The super-soft stuffed book measures 18.5 by 23.5 cm, not including the handles, and is closed with a zip. Your child will have so much fun with this book that he won't even realize how much he is learning.

Shhhh! We're a little busy reading our book; do you mind keeping it down?

Focus young children's attention on our Quiet Book and they'll be so engaged, all you'll hear is silence. Merrybubs's book encourages interactive play and builds dexterity with small pieces and objects.


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