Pustefix Pipe

Pustefix Pipe

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Sherlock Holmes will turn green with envy. Quickly lift the blow ring in the form of a pipe lid and the soap bubble cloud will rise immediately.

Fill the Pustefix Pipe with bubble solution and blow. Not only will you see the great cascade of bubbles but hear them too. Includes a 70ml bottle of ready to use eco bubble solution.

Brilliantly suited for children who may have trouble with a traditional blowing ring.

This toy also strengthens both your child's motor and oral muscles at the same time. Recommended by Speech Therapist

Made in Germany, Pustefix's bubble solution is of the highest quality, and is a recipient of the prestigious Spiel Gut Toy Award. Anyone familiar with Pustefix knows that this solution makes the best bubbles anywhere!

Need a refill? We offer a 500ml Pustefix Refill Bottle.

Recommended for ages 3 and up.


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